4P Super App: Chat

On-chain messaging with specific Web3 characteristics; 100% self-custodial, encrypted, immutable, permissionless, on-chain and data mining resistant.

Based on the OCC Protocol v.1 [Chat] smart contract, OCC SDKs, and white-label framework, 4P App aims to be one of the first community-based integrators of this new on-chain communication technology offering truly advanced Web3-based messaging features.

Phases within 4P Chat;

(1) to enable end-to-end encryption, both sender and receiver need to install and run “Encryptor Extension”; (2) messages are encrypted with AES (i.e. Advanced Encryption Standard) while ECDH (i.e. Elliptic-Curve Diffie-Hellman) key agreement protocol is used for generating the secret key (i.e. used in AES encryption); (3) all encrypted attachments are stored on decentralized storage via PollinationX; (4) message data is sent to L1 or L2 [Chat] smart contract, and; (5) after transaction finality, the receiver decrypts message content.

Explainer: Composed from; (1) content, and; (2) possible data files (i.e. media files, photos…), the individual message is usually a few kilobytes in size (i.e. message data and media file sharing is limited to a PX storage NFT size).

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