Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Ethereum to Bridge Manual

Explainer: FOUR token main utility is RTA (i.e. right to access) to 4P Pro, which will not be available on the BSC chain. We are discontinuing the support of FOUR tokens on the BSC. This manual is focused on the one directional bridging of the FOUR tokens back to its native Ethereum chain.

BEP-20 FOUR to ERC-20 FOUR Bridge Manual

When sending BEP-20 FOUR from BSC to Ethereum, the cross-blockchain bridge is needed. The smart contract puts in a BEP-20 FOUR burn request to the Bridge, and the ERC-20 FOUR are released from the reserves. This process ensures that the total and circulating token supply don’t change.

What do you need?

  1. Amount of FOUR tokens that you want to bridge

  2. ETH for gas (approximately 0,025 ETH)

  3. BNB for gas

  4. xDAI for gas (approximately 1 xDAI converted into 1 xDAI)

  5. MetaMask wallet

Connecting BSC and Gnosis networks in MetaMask

Add the ability for MetaMask to interact with Gnosis. If needed add a Custom RPC for each additional chain as shown below.

Gnosis chain:

Network Name: Gnosis Chain New RPC URL: Chain ID: 100 Symbol: xDAI Block Explorer URL:

Bridging process

Warning: It is not recommended to do transactions with small amounts on Ethereum. It’s too expensive.

Trade ETH for xDAI on Ethereum

  1. Choose how to buy xDAI for a fee (

  2. You will need xDAI on Gnosis chain

  3. You will need 1 xDAI to complete the bridge transformation.

Sending FOUR over the Bscscan smart contracts to the Gnosis chain:

Explainer: To bridge the BEP-20 FOUR tokens to its native ERC-20 FOUR tokens, Gnosis chain is used as a middle stop. There are two options how to send the BEP-20 FOUR tokens to the Gnosis Chain. One way is to interact directly with the Bscscan smart contract like shown in the instructions (i.e. 1 to 10). To simplify this process a automated BNB to Gnosis bridge service was developed by the community contributors. Please use the service at your own discretion, the 4P project does not guarantee its performance!

  1. Connect your WEB3 wallet and approve

  2. Click on the first line for approve

  3. Go over to a ( to get the right number of Wei. Never mind if there is ETH, just put the number of FOUR you wanna bridge (100 in our case) and copy the number of Wei

  4. Return to Bscscan and paste the number of Wei under the _value. You will also need to copy/paste this address 0xF0b456250DC9990662a6F25808cC74A6d1131Ea9 under the line: _to (address)

  5. Click Write and put your custom cap for spending (100 in our case) and Approve

  6. Check your transaction

  7. Now go to the address and again connect it to your WEB3 wallet:

  8. Scroll down to number 13. To relay FOUR tokens click on it

  9. Now you will need to paste this address under the token (address): 0xd882739Fca9CBAE00F3821c4c65189E2D7e26147 and under the _value the same amount of WEI as before, then again confirm and check the transaction

Bridge FOUR across the bridge from Gnosis to Ethereum

Note: The GnosisBridge can only be used to send FOUR tokens from the Gnosis network to Ethereum. It takes up to 1 hour for the Gnosis state to refresh and bridged FOUR tokens are visible.

  1. Wait up to 1 hour so the Gnosis state refreshes and the FOUR tokens are visible

  2. Go to the Gnosis bridge:

  3. For transfer choose Gnosis and search for FOUR

  4. For Transfer choose Ethereum

  5. For Balance choose a max or smaller amount of FOUR you want to bridge

  6. Click down on the bridge and wait for transaction to complete (more than 100 blocks required approx 8 minutes)

  7. Now click on Explore transaction and click Claim to unlock your FOUR tokens

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