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Learn how to use 4P Super App, build with 4P or learn how $FOUR plays a vital part in the future of on-chain communication.

Welcome! This documentation will help you understand the development behind the 4P (i.e. 4thPillar) project. Here you will find concepts, how-to guides, quickstarts, tutorials, code examples, release notes, and more.

What is 4P?

4P = “on-chain” emailing & messaging super application perfectly aligned with decentralization fundamentals

Abstract: In the ever-evolving landscape of communication, pivotal technologies have shaped how humans connect. Brought by the invention of electricity the Telegraph once symbolized the reach of reliable global correspondence, while the invention of the microprocessors and the internet transformed the way we interact and communicate at scale. Today, blockchain technology propels us into a new era of secure, non-custodial, permissionless, and decentralized digital communication. Furthermore, it offers unparalleled data ownership, safeguarded by the distributed nature of blockchain, ensuring uninterrupted access and preserving the integrity of your conversations. Following the invention of electricity, microprocessors, and the internet, blockchain technology can also be referred to as the fourth pillar of technology innovation, hence The 4thPillar project or short 4P. 4P's mission is the creation of robust blockchain communication in the form of decentralized email and messaging powered by community collaboration.


Creation of a robust and self-custodial on-chain emailing and messaging applications powered by community collaboration.

What are we building?

We are building a P2P email & messaging application that is non-custodial, data mining-resistant, enables immutable communication, build on the censorship and de-platforming-resistant protocol.

  • 1 email/message = 1 L1/L2-TX

  • Not your keys = not your communication

Who can use it?

  • Anyone who needs to communicate in a secure and self-custodial manner;

  • DeFi projects & DAOs that due to decentralization or regulation primitives need on-chain communication;

  • Enterprise sector that need secure & robust communication that is resistant to cyber attacks;

  • Public funds & foundations that need transparent but secure on-chain communication.

Project Design

The project's design centres around community collaboration where any community member can contribute. Open-source GitHub repositories stand ready for anyone to fork and propose enhanced functionalities. A set of smart contracts is set to enable the future Four Token RTA (i.e. right-to-access) models.

  • $FOUR: A technical component in solving RTA (i.e. right-to-access), MTO (i.e. multiple-transfer option), Grants, and Governance models in the ecosystem of Web3 communication.

  • 4thTech: The project that developed the back-end genesis OCC (i.e. on-chain communication) Protocol v.1, along with the OCC SDK and dMail & dChat White-label frameworks.

  • OCC Protocol v1: A suite of EVM smart contracts [Mails, Chat, Users, AppFeeManager] that together create Web3's first on-chain communication framework, that facilitates data ownership retention within peer-to-peer emailing, messaging, data file transfers, or any other form of communication.

  • Encryptor Extension: Google Chrome Extension that enables self-custodial W2W encryption and decryption of the on-chain communication or shared data files that are created within the dMail & dChat communication.

  • PollinationX: Decentralized storage infrastructure service that enables self-custodial end-user storage management in the form of PX Storage NFTs.

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