Encryptor Setup User Guide

This is the Encryptor Extension setup manual page. Follow the steps for easier onboarding and access to all needed information.

Explainer: Used to enable the Elliptic-Curve Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocol, the Encryptor Extension adds the Email & Messaging encryption layer currently not available in major Web3 wallets. It creates an elliptic curve key pair and computation of the shared secret key of the receiver/sender. The extension is fully self-custodial and enabled by choice, while its UI is simple and user-friendly. The onboarding is a 3-minute process native to Web3 wallet users.

Let's set the Encryptor

Step 1: To enable end-to-end encrypted email & messaging communication, download and install the Encryptor Extension from the Google Chrome Store;

Step 2: After the Extension installation, there are two options available;

(1) Create new Encryptor (2) I want to restore the Encryptor

Step 3: Choose the wanted option and confirm;

Step 3: If you followed the "Create new Encryptor" path, please choose your password and save the provided seeds. If you follow the "I want to restore the Encryptor" path paste your seeds, choose the password and restore the Encryptor;

Step 4: The Encryptor is ready to use.

Explainer: The Encryptor Extension is open-source, fully self-custodial, and enabled by choice. It produces and stores elliptic curve key pair (i.e. private/public key).

Tip: If you are experiencing Encryptor connection dropouts, please refresh the page.

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