dChat User Guide

This is the 4P dChat user manual page. Follow the steps for easier onboarding and access to all needed information.

How to exchange messages using 4P dChat using supported TestNet & MainNet blockchains?

Step 1: Install and login to a supported wallet (e.g. MetaMask, Coinbase, WalletConnect);
Step 2: Check the multi-chain deployment supported networks page to select the TestNet or MainNet blockchain network of your choosing;
Step 3: Access the app.the4thpillar.io and select the chosen blockchain;
Step 4: If not added before manually, confirm "Allow this site to add a network?" within your wallet;
Note: The sender and message recipient must communicate on the same blockchain network.
Step 5: Minimum transaction gas is required to perform the basic setup operations; Encryptor Extension registration, PX sNFT minting, and chat communication. Please provide sufficient wallet gas balance (e.g. ETH, IMMU, AA, TEDG...);
Tip: Explore TestNet Faucet links on the multi-chain deployment supported blockchain networks page.
Step 6: To enable end-to-end encrypted communication, download and install the Encryptor Extension;
Explainer: Used to enable the Elliptic-Curve Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocol, the Encryptor Extension adds the dMail & dChat encryption layer currently not available in major Web3 wallets. It creates an elliptic curve key pair and computation of the shared secret key of the sender/recipient. To enable E2E communication encryption, one transaction needs to be executed on-chain which requires gas. The transaction needs to be executed only once to save the sender/recipient's public key on the blockchain. The Encryptor Extension enables self-custodial communication encryption and is enabled by choice.
Step 7: Check the Dashboard to see the Encryptor Extension status;
(1) Unlock your Encryptor = Your Encryptor extension is currently locked. Please unlock it to resume secure communication. (2) Register Your Encryptor = Please complete your registration with the Encryptor Extension by creating a transaction on the smart contract. This step is essential to activate the extension’s full capabilities and adds its visibility on the blockchain making the connection between the sender & recipient possible.
Explainer: If Encryptor does not show the "Encryptor is Ready" status, please refresh the browser page.
Step 8: To enable self-custodial decentralized storage in the form of a PX sNFT, please follow the instructions;
(1) Connect storage PX sNFT = Connection is needed to sync the PX sNFT state; (2) Mint your FREE 100MB PX storage NFT = Programmed with predetermined storage capacity, the PollinationX Storage NFT or short PX sNFT represents the decentralized storage unit (e.g. 100MB, 5GB, 10GB, 20GB, 100GB) and enables users to mint the storage according to specific needs in a true self-custodial manner.
Step 9: Access the "Chat" page;
Step 10: Add the person to your conversation by pasting his or her wallet address to the designated field;
Step 11: Type the message click the "Send" button and confirm the transaction with your wallet;
Note: The user communication transaction cost equals the sum of the network transaction gas and protocol service fees. It is settled as one fee in the native tokens of the selected blockchain network (e.g. IMMU, AA, TEDG, ETH...).