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$FOUR Grants (TBA)

Welcome to the 4P Grant Program! Championing innovation in Web3 communication development, this program provides an empowering space for projects to grow and succeed.

Grant Program

In our pursuit of continuous innovation and growth, we have a Grants Program designed to encourage the development of new functionalities that enrich our ecosystem.
We will be sharing a list of functionalities and ideas that can further enhance the user experience within our applications.

Unlocking Development Opportunities

Our Grants Program offers a unique opportunity for developers of all levels to contribute and take part in our journey. Whether you're an experienced coder or just starting out, your ideas and efforts are valued.

How to Participate

Participating in the Grants Program is straightforward. Explore the list of functionalities and ideas we've outlined, choose the ones that resonate with you, and then take the initiative to develop them.

Applying for Grants

Once you've developed functionality, you can apply for the grant reward associated with it. We've designed a streamlined process to ensure that your contributions are recognized and rewarded.

Open Source Community

Besides our Grant Open Community Projects list of functionalities, anyone can have their own idea. Our source code will soon be available on GitHub. The repository is open for anyone to fork, enhance functionalities, and push merge requests. Once the code passes the evaluation it will be merged with the project and the contributor will receive tokens.


Step1: Submitting the application
(1) Tell us more about you and your team (2) Tell us what your project is all about and the challenges it solves in the realm of on-chain communications (3) Add team or project crucial identifiers (i.e. Twitter, Website, Github)
Step 2: Grant approval
We will review your applications with care.
Step 3: Building your dApp
Dev groups will be available for integration and development support.
Step 4: Deploying your Dapp
Tip: 4P grant program is not yet open.